BrainChain provides end-to-end Marketing solutions that ensure the scalability of your business, generate traffic from the pool of potential customers. We take care of all your marketing needs right from the Brainstorming stage till listing of token on exchanges/secondary market. We customize your message to maximize exposure of your product through a vast network of news platforms and digital marketing solutions. We deploy our expert team of marketing specialist, content experts and website developers to augment your product campaign. We provide comprehensive marketing services as well as a la carte offerings to meet your unique goals, budget and timelines.

Business validation analysis

Our team of experts will analyze your idea and business concept and help you understand the market position. We can help you understand the market and position your product to ensure success. In order to serve the best interest of our clients we provide consultation and platform creation to help you decide which blockchain to choose, produce the envisioned product and help you issue your tokens.

Milestone Based Marketing

We transform your idea into a well-defined marketing strategy. Our team can help and create a detailed milestone based marketing roadmap taking into consideration the viability of your product.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

The world has seen a paradigm shift from print to social and digital media. A product becomes a brand when it goes viral on social media. Our team consists of the most creative and bold social media campaigners who are champions in managing platforms such as Reddit, medium Steemit, Bitcointalk, and other platforms.

Premium News Placements

The key to success is getting the attention of the target audience. Premium news outlets have become the hotbed of groundbreaking Blockchain news .However getting consistently featured on these premium news outlets can be tricky, this is where we step in and help you get featured on such outlets time and again using our extensive network of news contacts.

Bounty campaigns

Majority of ambitious companies offer bounty programs that appreciate the Blockchain community for discovering bugs or participating in marketing assignments. Our team organizes and facilitates such bounty programs to guarantee that your community is well compensated for their efforts

Brand Management & PR

A great product with the wrong branding strategy is less likely to be as successful as a good product with an on-point and on-message branding. PR campaigns are an integral part of your marketing strategy, Brainchain helps you evolve your branding and PR strategy by providing you tools to be in touch with your customers and their needs, and problems as well as manage feedback. Our focus is on rapidly spotting negative or harmful content and reacting swiftly to ensure it is addressed before it gains traction and causes damage.

Community Management

Adding the marketing component through the use of social media to the community management efforts is nowadays becoming a popular strategy in organizations because having a larger and engaged audience is the key to making their marketing efforts successful. Brainchain will provide you with the dedicated resource to augment your presence within the community to ensure full engagement from the investment community.

Advisors and Influencers

Influencers have become crucial figures in the online market. People have always sought out the advice from famous people. From securities to utility tokens, the Blockchain-community has sought the voices like Charlie Lee, Andreas Antonopolous, John Mcafee and Ian Balina to guide them in their investments. We help you sway their opinions and befriend this community representative, in order to activate an entire population of their followers to participate in your product campaign.

We help you evaluate and implement Blockchain Technology in your business model with proper legal compliance and fully regulated business.

International KYC and AML

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer.” It is a process of obtaining relevant identifying information about the customers of a service. The purpose of KYC is mainly to ensure that unqualified people are precluded from using a service that they are not authorized to use. AML stands for “Anti Money Laundering.” AML basically refers to a variety of regulations that are enacted to prevent the generation of income via illegal and illicit transactions. Both AML and KYC are very important requirements in order to protect the customer and business alike, we help you to align your business within this legal framework to ensure smooth functioning of your organization.

Whitepaper Creation

Whitepapers are considered as the backbone of your content and a road map to engage and communicate about the unique value your product offers. They will provide the voice of reason on the relevance of your ideas while offering peer insights and information that will strengthen the work in the eyes of your audience. We help you draft a clear, concise and technically sound white paper. We also offer full translation services into all major languages in order help you reach your target audience

Post launch Services

The real works begin at the completion of the Product; we understand your situation and help you focus on growing your businesses and achieving your milestones. We manage and guide you to safety at every step you take in your journey.

Compliance and Accounting services.

We provide a full-service team of accountants and financial analysts to allow you to focus on your core operations. We also provide auditing services to increase the accuracy of your financials; we being well-versed with the taxation laws of different countries provide you a comprehensive range of financial services.
Brainchain is a team of experts with adequate knowledge and vast experience in the crypto and accounting fields to take care of all your accounting and regulatory needs while you focus on your business

Platform, DAPPS and Smart contract Creation

The implementation of a great idea takes a range of skills and competence. We have a team of developers, coders, testers, etc. who are proficient in C++, Java, Python, Go and others We design, develop and deliver de-dentralised apps on the Blockchain. Moreover our in-house technical team has complete command of blockchain node creation, smart contract in Solidity, Serpent, and LLL, and can generate smart contracts as well as custom User Interfaces for your platform.
We offer full-service coding, compiling, and testing for your blockchain platform to ensure that your product is fully functional and bug-free.

Code Security Audit

Irrespective of the Blockchain protocol you choose, our technical team is capable of conducting rigorous code testing and security audits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, QTUM, and EOS, as well as sidechains like Blockstream, Rootstock, and others.

Marketing and Product Placement

The value of your token is built on your platform’s performance. If your platform isn’t performing, your token won’t either. Our team creates your post-launch strategy with a focus on complete operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on management and control.

Long Term Business Development

Our goal is to help you develop long term business strategies that move your company forward into the future. We can create solutions tailored to your platform encompassing regulatory compliance, business planning, marketing structures and business growth.